Instructions for Care & Handling

Care and Handling

Please follow the instructions below to make your flowers last and stay fresh as long as possible.

Carefully unpack the flowers upon arrival.

Use only clean vases or containers.

Use flower food and fresh water. Too much flower food is not good either. Follow directions for proper amount of flower food.

Remove all leaves and foliage which will be under the water in the vase. Leaves left underwater will create bacteria and rot.

Cut at an angle 1 inch off the base of each flower stem using a sharp knife or scissors.

Please know that flowers can take up to 12 hours to hydrate properly after shipping.

Keep the flowers in a cool and well ventilated spot out of direct sunlight and away from heat. The cooler the temperature, the slower the flowers will open and the longer they will last.

Avoid placing flowers near heating or cooling vents, under ceiling fans and on the tops of televisions.

Do not store your fresh flowers in refrigerators with fresh fruit or vegetables.

How to care for Roses

Your Roses will arrive packed in bunches. Trim about 1” off the bottom of the stem and put them in fresh water.

Leave the plastic wrap around the roses in place for about 6 hours while the roses re-hydrate.

When arranging the roses, trim the stems again and carefully remove any loose or imperfect petals.

The outside petals are known as the guard petals and that is exactly what they do, guard the inner petals.

As the rose opens, you may need to remove more petals that may have imperfections.

Store your roses in a cool place. Remember that the cooler the temperature, the slower the flowers will open and the longer they will last.

Do not expose fresh flowers to freezing temperatures.

Re-cut the stems and change the water every 2 to 3 days, or as needed.