Here is a fact that you probably already know if you are planning a wedding: Wedding cakes are expensive! Ranging anywhere between $3 and $10 per serving, it is quite easy to go over budget on this particular wedding detail. But what if you could slash the cost of your wedding cake by using wholesale roses?

There are actually two ways that you can do just that. Because much of the cost of the wedding cake is determined by how intricate and time consuming the decorations are, the first way that you can use wholesale roses to save money on your wedding cake is to order a very plain cake.

If you order a tiered cake covered in white fondant with no other decorations that cake is going to cost far less than a cake with intricate piping and sugar flowers. Order the plain cake and then use the wholesale roses to decorate it. If you are not sure how to do this yourself, ask the baker if he would be willing to place your roses on the cake.

While he may charge a small fee for this service, it will still be less than the cost of ordering an intricately decorated wedding cake.

A way that you can save even more money on your wedding cake by using wholesale roses is to bake the cake yourself. Many brides scoff at such an idea, but since you would not be including any advance decorating skills, making your own wedding cake would be much easier than you think.

You would simply need to buy the round pans in three or four sizes (depending on the number of tiers you would like). All of the other supplies that you need, such as columns, the board and supports can be purchased at your local cake supply store.

Just bake the cakes, arrange the tiers and frost. If you want you can cover the cake in fondant, but working with fondant can be a bit tricky. Instead, you could just frost the cake with white icing. Then use the wholesale roses to decorate the cake.

By using the wholesale roses as the only decorations on the cake, you will be able to cut the cost of the cake whether you order a simple cake from the bakery or choose to make it yourself.

You can get a couple dozen wholesale roses for around $32. Then look to bridal magazines and wedding websites for ideas about exactly how to arrange the flowers on your cake.

Of course, you will need to instruct whoever is cutting the cake to remove the roses before serving to avoid any accidents.

A cake decorated with fresh flowers is beautiful and elegant. When you use wholesale roses, you prove that you don’t have to spend a lot in order to get phenomenal results.