There are often great deals on wholesale bulk flowers. But, as the old saying goes, an elephant for a penny is only a good deal if you need an elephant and you have a penny. The same applies to wholesale flowers. If you have no good use for them then it doesn’t really matter how great of a deal you can get.

Below are some reasons that you might consider buying flowers wholesale.

Wedding or Other Special Event

The most obvious reason that one would buy bulk flowers is for use at a wedding or other special event. When you buy flowers in bulk – and at wholesale prices – it allows you to get much more for your money.

This is especially important if you are trying to adorn a large church, or other grand meeting space with flowers.

Church Décor

Some churches like to keep their sanctuary filled with fresh flowers for each Sunday morning. This can be quite expensive, but the financial blow can be far less if you choose to use bulk flowers rather than buying from a retail florist.

Dinner Party

If you are having a dinner party, wholesale flowers can come in handy in two ways. First, you can use them for the general décor in the dining room.

Second, you can create small flower bowls that can be put at each place setting and used as a take home gift for all of your guests.

The small bowls or vases can be purchased at most dollar stores and you might find an even better deal online.

Owners of a Small Store

If you run a small convenience store, you can make a tidy sum by buying bulk flowers and reselling them right before important holidays such as Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day and Easter.

Because you will be able to buy the flowers at such a low price, the markup can be significant meaning more profit for your bottom line.

To Make Crafts

With sites such as Etsy increasing in popularity, more and more people are making crafts and selling them as a way to make money. While fresh flowers are good for many things, let’s not forget that you can also buy silk flowers.

Silk bulk flowers are perfect for making a variety of crafts. Whether for your own use or to sell, you will be able to make more crafts if you buy the silk flowers in bulk.