Mothers always enjoy receiving flowers, no matter how fancy or modest. I remember as a small child presenting my mother with a handful of dandelions that I had picked at the school playground. Of course, my mother pretended that they were the most beautiful flowers she had ever received and immediately found a small vase to put them in, so they could be displayed on the dinner table.

Today, with Mothers Day approaching, I still enjoy giving my mother flowers. I know I can never miss with flowers, because I know she will enjoy them, no matter what kind I give her. The nice thing about giving flowers for Mothers Day is that you can give the same kind of flower every year, simply because you know it is her favorite; or you can choose a different type of flower or arrangement every year and not run out of options.

Mothers Day flowers can be as simple as a bouquet of daisies (which are my mother’s favorite), or they can be the classic bouquet of red roses, or even exotic flowers to make gift-giving out of the ordinary. In addition to the vast selection of flowers available today, there are also several ways to present your carefully chosen flowers. They can be beautifully arranged in a basket or a lovely vase, or they can take the form of a potted plant.

People love the organic nature of plants and flowers. In addition to the color and fragrance they add to a room, they also add living energy to the space. People feel good around living things. It is like bringing a bit of the outdoors inside.

Giving flowers for Mothers Day has been a tradition for generations. That is because every woman loves to receive flowers. They always please and never fail to put a smile on the face of the one receiving them. Also, flowers are a gift that almost anyone can afford.

You may also like to send a little something along with those flowers. If she has a sweet tooth, you could send a gift basket of chocolates, nuts, candies and other treats. Or maybe she has to have her coffee. You could send a gift basket of gourmet coffee with Biscotti, cookies and java candies to enjoy first thing in the morning, or with an afternoon coffee break. Or you could give her a moment of indulgence with a gift basket of bath salts, bath gel and candles to turn her bath into a spa.

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