silk arrangement

Five things you can do with silk flowers are: create beautiful wedding bouquets, create table center pieces, create home arrangements, decorate outdoor spaces and create clothing accessories. You may not have thought to use silk flowers in these manners but the truth is that silk flowers provide many benefits over real flowers. In the following paragraphs I will discuss the different ways to use silk flowers and their benefits over real flowers.

1. Create Wedding Bouquets: Silk flowers are perfect for creating silk wedding bouquets, however, don’t expect fake flowers to be cheaper than real flowers because you may be surprised. The benefit of using silk flowers for wedding bouquets is not in the price. The benefits are that you can use any silk flower anytime of the year, you don’t have to worry about setting off allergies and silk flowers will never wilt or die due to the weather.

2. Table Center Pieces: Creating a table center piece is a beautiful way to decorate tables for formal and semi-formal occasions. Creating silk table pieces is becoming more popular due to their durability and life-like appearance. Fake flowers can also be scented to smell like real flowers.

3. Home Arrangements: If you enjoy the beauty of flowers in your home but lack a green thumb to keep them alive then artificial flowers are a good alternative. The best way to create a realistic silk bouquet is to avoid bright pastel colored flowers because those tend to look fake. Use a variety of different flowers, and pick artificial flowers with dark green stems and leaves. Mix in some green foliage as filler, set the silk bouquet in an appropriate vase and enjoy the look of beautiful flowers in your home.

4. Outdoor Landscaping: A growing trend taking place on poolsides and patios is to use artificial plants and trees instead of real. Manufacturers of artificial silk trees and plants are using durable materials such as Polyblend, specifically for outdoor use. Home owners love the beauty of real flowers, plants and trees that Polyblend products give but with none of the maintenance. Polyblend products are expensive but when you add the maintenance time and water saved the value presents itself.

5. Clothing Accessories: Today people are as creative and crafty as ever, using fake flowers to spice up clothing such as pants, shirts, sandals, hats and head bands. I know a lady in Hawaii that makes beautiful leis out of silk orchids and sells them to tourist for a nice markup. Simply cut of the head of a single stem flower, and apply it to any part of clothing using a hot glue gun. I speak from experience when I say practice on old clothing first.

Quality artificial flowers have all the beauty of real flowers, but with none of the maintenance. Shop around and look for good deals on quality (and I stress quality) artificial flowers, plants and trees. So whether you are looking for flowers and bouquets for a wedding, need to spruce up your dining table, trying to brighten up your home with a colorful arrangement, looking for a low maintenance, low water landscape solution or you want to create a pretty hair band for your daughter then give silk flowers a try.