There’s nothing like combining two wonderfully joyous occasions together to make an even greater one. Such is the case with holiday weddings – combining the union of a loving couple with the familial spirit of the holidays is a great mix. Having a holiday wedding also opens up some unique options that you simply don’t see for weddings in other seasons: fun seasonal décor, beautiful Christmas wedding flowers, and of course, pure holiday cheer.

When we talk about Christmas flowers, most people immediately think of the poinsettia. Just because the poinsettia is a traditional holiday flower doesn’t mean it can’t also top the list for this particular holiday occasion as well. While the common red is a great choice, keep in mind that poinsettias come in many different colors such as white and purple. Due to their unique flowers, poinsettias make a great centerpiece.

Other winter flowers can also be good matches for a Christmas wedding. A popular choice is the amaryllis, a tall, large-flowered plant that appears in bright reds and whites. Another option is to go with more common wedding flowers such as roses, tulips or lilies, and accent them with ivy or holly to add a hint of holiday festive flair. Keep in mind that if you may need to consult with a florist ahead of time, as many flowers are out of season in the winter. If arrangements can’t be made, keep in mind that many of these types of flowers are in full bloom during the winter.

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