Create A Wedding Bouquet. Florist Trish Haunton shows steps to make a bridal bouquet using berried ivy and garden flowers. The sole other issue is ‘Who’ll capture it’?

Step 1: You’ll Need
• a tape measure
• scissors
• a vegetable knife

Step2: Slice The Bow& Shape
Measure and reduce one-meter of ribbon. Then select 4 large bits of berried ivy, breaking off additional sprigs, making stems around 20cm long towards the suggestion of the base in the last leaf. So that they create a dome shape organize them inside your hand. This is the fundamental form of the arrangement.

Step 3: Roses
Keeping the stems but carefully place the plants around the ivy, maintaining the dome design for the arrangement. Adding flowers round the outside the lot. The stems must expand out at the end of the arrangement. Check the form while all of the plants have already been added.

Step 4: Connect the Bow
Cover the pack of stems in bow starting above where the hand-holds the arrangement. Three-quarters of the way across the bow, pose the ribbon twice closely. Put down the arrangement and connect a strong double knot. Collect the smaller end and cover it round the knot. Then cover the longer finish around within the same way.

Step 5: Pin the Bow & Cut All Your Stems
Utilizing the three pearl-finished hooks drive them into a base directly through the bow. Guarantee they stay in a good neat row. For that perfect length measure a half and one fists below the bow, and reduce all of the stems towards the same size. Change for your perfect form.

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