Fall is the most ideal time to get married as the season brings with itself a cool weather. Moreover, it is harvest time and there are many attractive options of fall wedding centerpiece. If you can add a little bit of creativity, you can bring about an excellent centerpiece idea in a fall wedding. You can have a lot of options from apple, wine, leaves and fall flowers. You can match a theme with any of the above mentioned materials.

While deciding on the theme of your fall wedding centerpiece, you must consider the following factors. The theme must match the decoration of the reception space, the size of the tables, wedding colors and your budget. Take ideas from the florists and the wedding planner, as they can flood you with ideas.

Flower is obviously the most natural choice while going for a fall wedding centerpiece and you can get a lot of flowers during this season. Mums are really beautiful and can go well with the wedding dress and the centerpiece. Other attractive flowers that you can get in this season are Hydrangea and Sunflower. They can be used alone or with a combination of other flowers like rose, etc.

One can also make several designs with the pumpkins. You can create a jack-o-lantern and place it on each table. You can also make table numbers with pumpkins and keep them at the center of the table. One can also make a design combination of pumpkin with flowers. Instead of having a flower vase, one can keep the flowers in a hollowed out pumpkin.

If you decide to serve wine at the reception, you can keep big wedding glasses as flower vase, one each at the center of each table. In that case, wine bottles can also be kept at the center of each table. This will serve dual purpose.

Other innovative ideas will be using of apples and pears in the decoration. Apple can be added as a display item in the centerpiece displays with flowers. Funny ideas with apples can make the thing really attractive. Pears are another item which is available during fall and it can be easily added as a display item along with other fruits. They can also be added as display with other floral designs.

Use of candles is also another very popular idea of a fall wedding centerpiece. You can make wonderful designs with candles if you are creative or borrow ideas from a creative person. For example, hurricane vases can be half-filled with coffee beans and a pillar candle can be placed on it.

Another very attractive and popular item for making a wonderful fall wedding centerpiece is leaves. Many color leaves are available that fall from the trees during fall and they can be used for decorating the tables, your centerpiece and also the reception area. One can get a lot of color combination of such leaves fallen on the ground during fall. Consider your budget and see which of these ideas suits your pocket.