There are many options available to adorn your flower girl with flowers! Here are some creative ideas to consider for the flower girl in your wedding party.

A popular idea is to have your flower girl carry a decorative basket with rose petals. As she walks down the isle, she can sprinkle the petals in her path. If you will be using petals, make sure that the ceremony facility allows them. A simple runner can be used to line the aisle, making clean up of rose petals a little easier. Keep in mind that when stepped on, rose petals with color can stain the flooring. For this reason, many florists will suggest white or cream Rose Petals. Silk Petals are another option to provide color down the aisle. If you like the basket idea, but don’t want petals sprinkled, your local florist can also use whole blooms and flowers to decorate your flower girl’s basket. Another option is a “Sweetheart Purse”. These small totes are filled with flowers and ribbon can be attached for further accent.

Floral Pomanders are a unique alternative to a Flower Girl Basket. A Pomander is a sphere style bouquet with no outward stems. Quite simply, a ball of flowers! Ribbon is attached for carrying this unique design! A Pomander can be created with a variety of flowers. Consider using flowers simliar in style to your bouquet. Ribbon can coordinate with her dress or a sheer or neutral ribbon can be used.

Your flower girl can also carry a bouquet similar in style to your bridesmaids’ bouquets. A more petite posey with fewer flowers will make it easier for little hands to carry. Ribbon streamers can add a unique touch to this bouquet. This is especially appropriate if your flower girl is a little older as it will make her feel more like a “Special Bridesmaid” as opposed to a flower girl. Do you have 2 flower girls? They could carry a garland of blooms down the aisle together representing the unity of two lifes.

A decorative wreath of greens and/or flowers can be created for your flower girl. This crown of blooms will make her feel like a little princess! Perfect for younger girls that may not be able to carry their floral accessories. Flowers similar in color and style to those in your bouquets will be complimentary.

There are many options available to compliment the flower girl in your wedding. From Flowers for her hair to a detailed bouquet…Your local florist can suggest the perfect floral designs for your special Flower Girl!

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