Buying bulk flowers is a great way to save money and get the best blooms. Yet the main reason buyers end up buying from a florist is because they fear arranging flowers would be too difficult. The following 5 tips for buying and arranging bulk flowers:

1. Know the size of the blooms and stems of your flowers: When you are selecting your bulk flowers, the ordering information should provide some details on the size of your flowers to ensure you can create the type of bouquets and arrangements you are planning.

2. Keep flowers fresh: Most likely, you will place you bulk flowers order to be delivered at least one day before your special event. If that’s the case, finding space for keeping your flowers fresh is critical. Your choice of refrigeration will depend on the type of flowers you ordered as well as on the size of your order. You can rent an outside refrigeration unit, commandeer a refrigerator or even submerge your wholesale roses in cool water in your bathtub.

3. Let the blooms be: It is amazing how a loosely-tied bunch of blooms in the simplest of vases can make a dramatic statement. You might be surprised that you can achieve striking results with hardly any arranging. The key here is to use the freshest possible blooms, with no sign of wilting or damage. Fortunately, wholesale flowers provide just that kind of freshness and quality since they are shipped the same day they are cut.

4. Keep things simple: If you are not sure about combining different types or colors of cut flowers, simplify. For example, you can order wholesale flowers of the same type, say roses, but in a multitude of colors. If this still sounds intimidating, then make things even simpler by ordering just one type of flowers, all in one color. Then arrange them in simple geometric arrangements, such as shallow rectangular moss-covered trays. This is a great idea if you are going for a clean contemporary look. If you are interested in a more rustic setting, then put each bloom into a simple glass container for a simple yet trendy tablescape. Old wine bottles or small glass jars are perfect for this.

5. Get professional help from your bulk flowers wholesaler: When selecting a wholesaler, check if they offer ideas and guidance about putting together simple flower arrangements. If you are still uncertain or apprehensive about DIY flower arrangements, then go for pre-arranged bouquets. Keep in mind that some bulk flowers wholesalers offer to create and deliver bulk flower bouquets. This might be a perfect solution for table centerpieces or flowers for the altar and for aisle.

There are many advantages to purchasing bulk flowers, including the variety and quality of flowers available, the savings from buying in bulk and, of course, the year-round availability and advanced ordering. With so many wonderful resources available online and support from your bulk flowers wholesaler, you will be able to easily create stunning arrangements for your special event.