Here’s a number of wedding reception flower ideas to give you and your partner a blooming wedding.

1. Flower Ideas for a Smoother and Organized Decoration

Flowers play a significant role in weddings. Flowers are carried by the bride, flower girls, and possibly the bride’s maids as well. Flowers can also serve as centerpieces and other décor pieces. For a smoother and organized time in decoration, you can categorize flowers according to the purpose they’ll serve.

2. Flower Ideas for the Bridal Bouquet

You can either go for a look of uniformity or variety. There’s no right choice so it all depends on your preferences. For practicality’s sake, however, it would be best if your bouquet is small and handy so that it will be easy to carry around and throw for the bouquet toss. Make sure that they’re without thorns as well as anything sharp can cause harm to your wedding gown.

3. Flower Ideas for Better Photography

Pastel-colored blooms look better photographs when set against a darker backdrop or at evening weddings. Flowers of outstanding colors, however, are considered necessary for day wedding because anything lighter would just blend in and appear lifeless.

4. Flower Ideas for Making Centerpieces

Instead of the usual vase setting, you can set water lilies afloat on a bowl together with scented candles. You can also place a miniature bonsai on each table then raffle it out later on. Always make sure that the length and height of these centerpieces are not so great that they prevent guests from literally seeing each other eye to eye; make sure that they don’t become an obstruction to eating in comfort as well!

5. Flower Ideas for Color Coordination

Always match the hues of your flowers with your color theme. If you have a black-and-white wedding, blooms are normally in the shade of white or the palest of pink. For pure-white weddings however, just about any color of flower would do.

Flowers always bring color and life to weddings so take your time choosing the species you’ll use for this very special occasion. Good luck on having a blooming wedding!

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