Weddings can be fancy, extravagant affairs or simple ceremonies with a reception at your home. Either way, wholesale flowers are a great way to add ambience, enhance the décor and save money all at the same time.

Wholesale Flowers are Perfect for Home Weddings
Maybe it’s not your first wedding, maybe you are on a tight budget or maybe you just don’t go in for all the pomp and circumstance of a large scale wedding but you still want to add that special touch and enhance your home with the unmistakable fragrance of fresh cut flowers. If you are planning an outdoor wedding, fresh cut flowers can be used to wrap around an arch or to make tiny bouquets attached to the ends of seating rows. Indoors flowers are wonderful table arrangements whether large and majestic or small and friendly. Carnations and daisies are colorful, versatile flowers that can be used a multitude of different ways and lend themselves to large bouquets as well as small nosegays.

Wholesale Flower Varieties
Wholesale varieties include Gerbera Daisies with big, bright petals in bold colors making them perfect flowers for today’s modern bridal palette. Think also of tiny miniature Gerberas and mini carnations for use alone or in flower arrangements. Asters are another flower with bright, bold colors that look great in combination with other wholesale flowers or used alone.

Single Color Themes
If you are thinking of a single color theme for your small wedding, it is easy to find wholesale flowers that come in large bouquets and single themed colors. Roses lend themselves well to single color. Oriental lilies also come in a variety of colors that coordinate perfectly with the softer hues of wedding colors. Looking for contrast? Try the bold contrast of sunflowers for a summer wedding or fill the air with the fresh scent of freesias. For a spring time wedding think of white and yellow daffodils and tulips to brighten up the wedding locale and fill the air with the joys of spring.

Combine different varieties of wholesale flowers in a single color to add depth and texture to your wedding décor. For example select lilies and roses in a single shade of pink and then mix up the stems in several vases to scatter throughout the reception area. An elegant twist that will get people talking is to use several bouquets in contrasting colors. So, in one arrangement combine pink roses and white lilies, while in another, use white roses and pink lilies. The wonderful assortment of wholesale flowers available year round makes it easy to find exactly what you are looking for.

Wholesale Flowers Are For Bridesmaids Too
The wide selection of wholesale flowers makes it easy to select flowers for your bridal bouquet and home décor but they are also great for bridesmaids. A single ornamental lily for a hair arrangement or a keepsake bouquet to take home after the wedding are small touches that mean a lot and help to make the wedding unforgettable.