Buying wholesale flowers online makes it really easy to plan a spectacular wedding, and because you can buy in bulk you can really incorporate flowers into your wedding décor in a big way. Talk to your wedding planner about creative ways to combine color, shape and texture of different wholesale flowers such as lilies, roses and carnations.

Think about strong colors: Many brides like to match bouquets and the overall color theme to the bridesmaids dresses. However, remember that strong colors can provide a refreshing contrast. Wholesale red roses make a spectacular contrast against the pure white of a bridal gown. If you buy red roses in bulk you will have enough left over to make some small arrangements to set against the white table cloth of the buffet table and lay a long stem red rose alongside the wedding cake. If red is too sizzling for your wedding, think about fuschias and strong, vibrant pinks or a splash of bold, orange lilies to add dramatic color against a backdrop of white.

Study your reception venue: Get familiar with the nooks and crannies of the room, where side tables are located, where you could hang garlands or set vases or hang wreaths made from wholesale daisies or carnations. Then plan arrangements that take advantage of odd spaces, add visual appeal to a drab corner or spice up a dull wall.

Think outside the rose garden: Wholesale flowers come in such a wide variety of shapes and colors. Think about golden yellow sunflowers mixed with colorful gerberas or orchids mixed with lilies in soft neutrals or vivid pinks and yellows. For a spring wedding daffodils and tulips can be combined with bunches of freesias to touch the air with their heady scent.

Lose the structure: Latest trends are using wholesale flowers to create unstructured elements or elements combined in unexpected ways. Use big, tropical flowers as individual blooms to add visual interest or combine a single bloom with a peacock feather. Create a mixed bouquet from a variety of different wholesale flowers and tie them loosely with a big satin ribbon.

Unmatch: The newest decorating trend is to use colors that complement, rather than match. Individual place settings, each in a different color, silverware where each place setting is a different pattern. Extend this concept to wedding flowers by using wholesale blooms of the same variety but different colors. One vase contains all red flowers, another all yellow flowers, or all purple flowers. You might use the same variety for a formal look or for an informal look, mix up different varieties of yellow flowers in a single vase and then different varieties of purple flowers in another vase.