With Christmas just around the corner, you are bound to have many guests coming in and out of your home, whether it is for a holiday party or actual Christmas Eve or day dinner. Get people into the holiday spirit with any one of the following floral ideas:

Holiday Coffee Table

Holiday floral arrangements should last for the duration of the season, so they must be of the highest quality and designed in such a way where they can easily be moved for cleaning without doing any damage to the integrity of the design. The arrangement should also be put together in a clever way, so that any wilting or dropping flowers can be removed and replaced with fresh ones.

Some of the most interesting and unique holiday flowers include those that contain Christmas decorations and other holiday paraphernalia. A great idea for your coffee table is to create an arrangement with chrysanthemums and baubles. You can choose the colors that go along with the holiday you’re celebrating, or simply colors that match your living room scheme. You could also go with a modern, sophisticated look that includes all white flowers, such as baby’s breath, combined with sliver tinsel, a string of silver beads or small glitter balls.

Christmas Centerpieces

Your local floral company will have lots of great ideas for Christmas this year, and one of the latest, most contemporary floral arrangements is a hanging centerpiece with baubles, ribbons and your favorite flowers. These items can be strung together in bunches, or connected individually to the rest of the décor to create a lovely overall effect.

While color is always a winner, sometimes simpler is better – and even more striking. You could tell your floral designer that you want the centerpiece to only contain red and white using the popular and traditional Christmas flower, the Poinsettia, or perhaps only blue and silver. With wide ribbons that are candy cane striped or polka dotted, you can really get a magnificent, eye-catching floral arrangement that is completely different to anything you have had before.

Holiday Flower Wreath

The wreath for your front door is the first impression that guests will get of your home when they arrive, and to have a beautifully designed one that contains flowers is ideal. Aside from the traditional wreaths that can be designed with holly leaves, pine cones and more, you could also ask your floral expert to design a more modern wreath consisting of merely baubles or string beads with pretty flowers inserted in between.

For a less formal wreath, a variety of foliage and flowers should be used, wrapped loosely around a thin ring and offset by shiny beads, tinsel, little plastic bells and more. You could even treat your wreath like a miniature, circular Christmas tree, with plenty of odd decorations and foliage hung on gold or silver sprayed branches, all knotted around each other