Alstromeria Assorted


Alstromeria flowers have large, semi heart-shaped blooms. A single stem has an average of 3 to 5 blooms.

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Assorted Colors (Growers Choice To Include At Least 4 Colors)

Upstate Flower Market provides wholesale-priced fresh flowers to those wanting to design
their own arrangements for weddings, events, fundraisers etc.

We service anyone wanting to buy quality fresh flowers in larger quantities at great prices.

If you have found this site while searching for a traditional florist, please visit the website of our partner, Coggins Flowers & Gifts.

Our knowledgeable, caring staff is available to assist you throughout
the entire ordering process. Their experience spans over 50 years and
2-3 generations. We have designed arrangements for thousands of
weddings. We understand the needs of discerning brides and event

The goal of our wholesale division is to offer the same quality flowers
we use for our own brides. DIY brides can be confident they will receive
the best available flowers for their big day and save money by ordering
bulk flowers from Upstate Flower Market.

What You Should Know About Your Flowers: 

When you purchase flowers from you are buying
flowers that are coming directly from growers and suppliers just as any
florist would.

We will only bring you the freshest, highest quality available.
Therefore, substitutions may be required from time to time, depending on

Your flowers will need to be cared for properly. Be sure to read the
Care and Handling information for all flowers. Proper care makes all the
difference in how long your flowers last and when they open (i.e.
roses, lilies, and more).

Some flowers may require up to 7 days to fully open. When you receive them, they will require hydrating.

Do not store your flowers in a refrigerator that also contains fresh
fruits and vegetables because they give off ethylene gas which will
cause your flowers to wilt.

Be sure to plan for buckets or trash cans with water for your flowers.
You will need sharp scissors or a knife to trim the ends off each stem.




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