Antique Green Hydrangea


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Hydrangea Care:

Upon arrival, your hydrangea will usually be packed with a water pod at the bottom and the head will be wrapped.

Unwrap the head and with a sharp knife or scissors, cut the stem at a 45 degree angle just above the pod.

Have a bucket of cold water ready. If the water from your spigot comes out
tepid and not too cold, add ice to the water. For optimal conditions,
you should add flower food to the water.

Immediately after you have cut the stem, place it in the bucket of water being sure to cover
the whole length of the hydrangea's stem. Soak the hydrangea's stem for
4-6 hours or preferably over night prior to using the flowers.

Every 2-3 days you will need to cut the hydrangea's stems again to ensure the bottom of the stem is not blocked.

If any blooms seem to not be taking up water, you can take a small sewing
needle and pierce a few holes in the stem. This will help the flowers
to absorb water faster.

Do not place them near sunlight or fans.

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